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Estúdio de Criação de Estampas Exclusivas

what do I do?

Hi, my name is Carina Prieto ,

I'm the creative director of Estúdio Lúdico and I help brands that need creative guidance to CONNECT with their customers through the prints full of identity and style that I create here.

Camada 101.png
BG 2.jpg

Today, more than EVER, consumers are looking for essence and purpose. Developing these pillars through the unique truth of your brand will generate a connection with your customers.

The development of prints that convey all this identity and essence, will reinforce, at each collection launch, the unique DNA of your brand and will naturally CONNECT your customer. Your brand will be able to OVERCOME any tendency and become a REFERENCE of the trend and culture around it.

why invest in exclusive prints?

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